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Get it done on your schedule. We created mo-de to simplify your life!


One marketplace for all your service needs. We want to be your “go to” app!


Select your service. Select a provider. Order your service. Simple as 1,2,3!


We’ve simplified your means of searching for service providers!

there’s two sides to the app

customers and service providers

For the customers

mo-de is an intensified search engine to get in touch with service providers, think dog groomers, plumbers, electricians, maid service, etc. It allows them to find these service providers in real-time via their GPS, or it allows them to put in a specific date and time to then search and schedule services. It saves time by eliminating multiple phone calls. It relieves stress by making it easy to find a service provider. A history section allows the customer to keep track of their transactions, and that makes it easy to quickly re-order a service or order recurring services.

For the service provider

mo-de puts them in a position to capture those customers. mo-de has a scheduling software that allows the service providers to fill their void hours. mo-de offers the service providers free marketing and exposure to readily available customers. In-app payments make it a smooth, paperless transaction. Our backend software offers business analytics and employee tracking that helps the company flourish. After each transaction, each party rates the other to ensure quality service and customers. It’s a true marketplace!


Real Time Mapping
mo-de allows you to find service providers in real time on a live map. No more search engines or endless phone calls to find availability. Simply open the app, select which service you need and then order directly from the provider!

Our lives are as busy as ever. Errands, school, work, kiddos, groceries and pets… there’s a lot going on! Scheduling service providers on your time, not theirs, is the way to go! Plug in a date and time and shop the available service providers. No more 4 hour windows of service – it’s all about you!

Dual Rating System
We believe in the testimony of others. We want to provide you with excellent service providers, quality service and great reviews. Each service is completed by rating the user and service provider.

In-App Payments
mo-de allows you to pay the service provider from within the app. mo-de aims to ease your mind. We don’t want you to have to be physically present or have checks or cash on hand. Simply pay for your services through the app!

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On-Demand Ordering
There are plenty of companies out there that have taught us about the on-demand economy. It’s the whole concept of getting what you want when you want it. mo-de allows you to find the service providers that are available now, in real-time! Open the map, locate the provider and then order them immediately and directly!

Multiple Services
mo-de will offer a wide variety of services. We don’t want to limit you to just one service… We want to be your one stop app! From dog groomers to dog walkers, car washers to lawn mowers… If it’s a mobile service, it’s headed your way!

In-App Messaging
After a service is ordered, our in-app messaging allows you and the service provider to communicate with each other. This is extremely important in case something happens and one of the parties can’t make it. Or, maybe you just want ask a quick question!

History / Favorites 
mo-de wants to help you keep track of your service providers. Locate past service providers in your history of services and reorder you last service. If you love a service provider, make them a favorite to keep in your top list of providers. Losing track of a service provider is the pits, and we want to help fix that problem!


On-demand ordering
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Ease of locating service providers

In-app payment system

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Scheduling services on their time
no more 4 hour window

Keeping track of providers and services

Ordering recurring services



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