Branding Your Business on 3 Top Social Networks

When you’re a service provider in a highly saturated economy, it’s important to establish yourself on social media to build brand awareness and generate engagement with current and prospective customers.

You don’t have to be a wiz at social media to create compelling content. In fact, once you develop a comprehensive strategy for each channel, content creation should come rather naturally.

While we discuss a few of the popular social networks, you should always research others before creating your content calendar. Depending on the products and services you sell, not every platform is worth the investment.

Here are some tips and tricks to marketing on three popular social channels: Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.


If you’re a brand that markets mostly to younger generations, you should be on Snapchat. According to Forbes, “60% of Snapchat users in the U.S. are under the age of 24,” and more than 100 million people consume 30 minutes of content on the app every day.

Seventy percent of Snapchat’s users are women, making the channel an invaluable resource for companies who cater to a female audience. However, that doesn’t mean men aren’t using the app. Be sure to consider each demographic when broadcasting your business.

If your company is going to market itself on Snapchat, you must ensure every Story is well-thought-out to gain a loyal following. Some content ideas are posting behind-the-scenes

footage, teasing new product releases and conducting short and entertaining interviews with employees, customers and reputable influencers in your industry.


On the opposite end of the spectrum is Facebook. The social network is becoming more and more popular among older generations, presenting companies a prime opportunity to capture their customers where they’re most likely to be found.

There is only about ten percent more females than males on the channel, meaning you should always research interests of both men and women when curating your content.

The key to being successful on Facebook: publishing content that will provoke an emotional response. As of right now, its algorithm prioritizes posts that have reactions as opposed to likes, so you must always make sure your post is shareable and engagement-producing.


Next, we have Instagram. While the network started off as a favorite among younger generations, according to Sprout Social, older generations are now beginning to embrace the app as well.

There’s only a ten percent difference between Instagram’s female and male users, with women dominating men, making it a beneficial platform for any business.

If your company is on Instagram, always publish high-quality, vibrant images and videos to develop an aesthetically pleasing feed your fans will want to follow.

When it comes to being successful on Instagram, invest in skilled photographers and videographers who can produce diverse types of content for your business, in turn creating a mood board for your brand.

Instagram isn’t just about posting pictures and videos—it’s about creating a visual story for your customers to engage with.


At the end of the day, you should always view social media as a pull, not a push. The goal is not to sell your products or services, but to create a brand persona your customers can relate to.

The more human you make your business, the more likely people will be to buy into it. Social media is not a selling tactic, but rather a relationship-building tool that offers countless opportunities to get to know your audience.

Utilize these platforms accordingly and watch your sales soar.