What is mo-de?

  • mo-de stands for the mobile on-demand economy, and we created mo-de to help connect customers to service providers in a very quick and easy method.

Where is mo-de located?

  • Currently, mo-de is located in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. If you want us to come to your area, contact us to let us know!

What services does mo-de offer?

  • mo-de will offer any service that is mobile.

Does it cost money to join mo-de as a service provider? As a user?  

  • Nope. Joining mo-de is free to everyone.

Do you guarantee results?

  • mo-de connects businesses and customers. The transaction is handled by the business, just like in the real world… made simple through mo-de.

Does mo-de store my credit card information?

  • Absolutely not. mo-de has no access to sensitive information such as credit card numbers.

How does mo-de make money?

  • mo-de is a business to customer software and makes it’s money by charging a 15% fee on the transaction.  We cap our fee’s at $15 to be fair.

How can I see my mo-de referral money?

  • Go to your profile page and search for “Promos / Referrals” and you can access your promotional credits or input promotional codes.

How are service providers verified?

  • mo-de uses industry standard procedures to verify service providers


I’m a business owner, how does mo-de help me?

  • mo-de was developed as a lead generating software for businesses. In addition to producing customers, mo-de acts as your technology partner.  The service includes scheduling software, KPI metrics, employee tracking, ratings system, payment solutions and marketing at no cost to you.

What is a MP? What is a MPe?

  • MP (Marketplace Participant) is mo-de’s name for participants in the marketplace who sell their services. Each company is classified as a Marketplace Participant, and employees of that company are referred to as Marketplace Participant employees (MPe).

If I am a MP, why am I not seeing myself on the map? 

  • You might need to activate your “on-demand” status.

How do I create an inventory item on the website?

  • Look for the ? button at the bottom left of the website. Click it, and then select Inventory. That tutorial will help you create another item.

What is the sales tax line for in my company profile? 

  • If the service you provide requires sales tax collection, mo-de automatically calculates this amount for you and adds it to the total.  Be sure to select yes!

What’s your business model?

  • mo-de adds a 15% fee to your service charge.  This is capped at 15$, no matter what.

I want to work for mo-de, how do I contact you?

I have an idea for mo-de, how can I reach you?

  • We love any and all feedback! Please contact us.