Service Providers

Get in the mo-de!

Do you offer mobile-based services?

If so, mo-de is the marketplace for you! mo-de has created a more convenient and efficient way for customers to find you via a GPS enabled, live marketplace, and we are excited to help bridge that gap – at no cost to you.
mo-de offers a full backend software that provides payment processing, scheduling, ratings, marketing, analytics, employee tracking, recurring appointments and more! 
Look, we know that getting into the mobile space is expensive and time consuming. mo-de was created to help simplify your business, increase your productivity and assist in growing your company.
All of our software services come at no cost to you.

Major Benefits of mo-de

  • Maximize your revenue with our scheduling software and fill your void hours
  • Instantly receive payments at the time of service: no delayed billing or credit card liability
  • Increase marketing exposure to the most unique and lucrative customer base
  • Reap the benefits of customer retention: the customers will keep coming back
  • Receive verified ratings on services rendered: a marketing asset
  • Access business analytics: Key Performance Indicators (KPI Metrics)
  • Integrate your accounting through our built in Credit Card Processor, Stripe

Sign up steps

1. Apply by filling out company information

mo-de from on computer
mo-de on computer

 2. Once verified, follow instructions on welcome email for signing into profile

3. Follow our quick and simple, step-by-step walkthrough for our website

ipad in app showcase
ipad in app showcase
A. Create new password
ipad in app showcase
B. Create your inventory of services
ipad app showcase
C. Create your company’s MPe profiles

Service Providers are referred to as Marketplace Participants

If a company has multiple employees, each employee is a MPe (marketplace participant employee)


4. Activate your profile and enjoy mo-de!

  • Maximize productivity by utilizing spare man hours
  • Instantly access the mobile app market at no cost
  • Save money on technology and marketing
  • Scale past your brick and mortar capacity
  • Track your employees in real time
  • Gain exposure to an extremely valuable customer base
  • Simplify your business with our turn key operations
  • Work extra hours on your time off (on-call at home)
  • Utilize business analytics to grow your business